Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Blog in Toronto

When you pass a person in the street do you think that they are on the way to blog, to write down their latest thoughts on an online journal? With so many bloggers it is very possible. You might find bloggers next to you in a store or along the street. I noted in the Olympic Flame Relay post that we ran into a blogger named Christina that will make the journey to Vancouver to watch and write about the 2010 Winter Olympics. I have also met Rannie Turigan, or Photojunkie, who was a celebrated Toronto blogger and whose website, sadly, now sits "temporarily unavailable."

We are lucky to have a number of great bloggers in Toronto who I will visit online everyday. Some I have talked about before, like Torontoist and BlogTO (see my blog links on the side of this page) and some you discover from friends or your own searches on the net. I learned about Toronto Mike ( from a Google Alert on a Toronto Mike blog posting where they were talking about websites and readers were asked to "leave a comment telling me one other site you frequent on a regular basis." I was happy to see my blog listed with the comment "This is a cool blog from a Toronto photographer." Just after this my brother and fellow blogger also mentioned Toronto Mike to me.

As a blogger that has been around for a number of years taking pictures of Toronto and writing about events in Toronto you get to see your blog mentioned in a few places such as Redball: Toronto's site along with bloggers BlogTO and Torontoist and my photos are used by a number of websites including Climate Day. Go out and find your favourite bloggers and help spread the word to your friends.

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Notashopaholic said...

Hi James
I am always on the lookout for cool blogs to read too. I'll keep checking back to see your updates. As a blogger, I consider it a huge compliment to know other people are reading my blog. I'm always a bit surprised to realize people other than family and friends are taking the time to read my thoughts. I will now follow your blog more closely. You take great photos!
Christina aka Not A Shopaholic

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