Monday, December 14, 2009

Steam Whistle Brewing - brew tour

I finally went on the beer tour at Steam Whistle Brewing which is located in the historic Roundhouse across from Rogers Centre. The building was saved from destruction when Rogers Centre put ten stories of parking underneath the roundhouse instead of on top of the land where the roundhouse was located.

I received a sample of thir fine brew and signed up for the tour. You can choose various options and prices for the tour and each comes with various souvenirs. Here is our tour guide at one of the quality inspection stations - much like where Laverne and Shirley used to work.

The enjoyable tour is well worth the time and money and at the end you can pull the handle which sets off the steam whistle. The time required is about one hour from the climbing onto the catwalks beside the brewing tank until you are back enjoying your second free sample.

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