Friday, July 07, 2006

Fridays events

After the Champ practice round we head through "Thunder Alley" which is along the straight away opposite Lakeshore Boulevard. The cars scream at top speed in this section and provides the nickname for the area.

Booths are setup for amusement, sales and autographs and it is a little early on this first race day so the crowds are small.

The heat of the day is tempered by the breeze from Lake Ontario - but we are still very thirsty and retire to the media centre to top up on drinks and await lunch (packaged sandwiches). Joe meets several of his fellow professional shooters and we have a great time out of the sun.

The afternoon qualifying race is won by A. J. Allmendinger - who has the tentative pole position (which will be decided after tomorrows qualifying session. A. J. has his sights set on that third win in a row.

Off the track we look for some photogenic events and watch some trick motorcycle racing, some "rumble at the race" demonstrations and fights (Muay Thai Match). Luckily we also see plenty of girls, girls, girls - including the fight ladies, the party poker models and of course the Miss Grand Prix girls. Brandi Latimer is the winninng face of Grand Prix. Our media pass proved very fruitfull in obtaining right there coverage of the ladies. Jamie from PRN magazine along with Atto insurance helped gather the Miss Grand Prix contestants in front of the CASCAR vehicle.

After a long day we return to the media room to rest and take the media shuttle bus back to the race hotel. Then we begin the long journey to Brampton through rush hour traffic. A good first day.

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