Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Edmonton's race - Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson, winner of last years (2005) Toronto Grand Prix has won the 2006 Edmonton Grand Prix race and has moved into second place in the CHAMP standings. Sebastien remains at number one in the point standings and finished in second behind Justin at Edmonton. A.J. Allmendinger who finished at three is also now in third spot in the points standings.

Paul Tracy who's qualifying time had him in the first row along with Sebastien for the start of the race failed to hold his position and finished outside of the top three spots at number 5.

It would appear that the top points holders seem to have a lock on the CHAMP car series races and the apparent lack of competition may keep the excitement down and the crowds away. Attendance figures for 2006 are not being released - which can only be seen as a negative. For race fans they need to increase the events held during the weekend race - bring CASCAR back and continue with items like drifting. Fill out the Thunder Alley with more promotion and more presence. I loved the fight network attractions so I hope they are back next year.

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