Sunday, June 02, 2024

Wacky Rhino tandem bicycle sculpture in Toronto Entertainment District

Artists Gillie and Marc have created a bronze sculpture called "He Was on a Ride to a Safer Place" with a Rhino, a dogman and rabbitwoman ridding a bike built for four - that's right, there is a seat for you to join in and be one with the art. This large art piece is in Toronto's Enertainment District along King Street West in David Pecaut Square right beside Roy Thomson Hall.

The rhino steering the bike is a northern white rhinoceros is functionally extinct with only two know living female rhinos of this subspecies. Gillie and Marc Schattner wanted to deliver a message of equality, acceptance and conservation, plus maybe bicycling.

You don't have to be in a big rush to see the sculpture, it will be there for a year - leaving in May 2025. I heard that the 2024 WNBR plans to make it part of the ride so that will be interesting. It is a smaller version of a sculpture shown in London and New York City which has ten animals on the bike.

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