Monday, April 08, 2024

Southern Ontario's Solar Eclipse

The moon beat up the sun during the Monday, April 8, 2024 solar eclipse that slowly passed over Southern Ontario. We decided to head out along the path of totality and keep away from the billions expected in Niagara Falls and ended up picking Port Colborne on the shores of Lake Erie and the upper end of the Welland Canal.
Lock 8 park with a Great Lakes steamer passing through
The site was perfect because of free parking and a bathroom open for the event

Our route from the GTA to the port was along backroads, keeping away from the main highways that would be loaded with untold amount of stop and go traffic. When we got to the park at Welland H2O lock eight we checked the traffic cameras and found the highways were fairly light, then we heard that large crowds avoided Niagara Falls and finally, the clouds did impact our views of the solar event. Which is okay because there should be another one over Toronto any day now.
The sun, already being blocked by the moon starts to shine through the clouds
In totality the day turned into night and the streetlights all came on
A sliver of the sun starts to peek out after totality

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