Sunday, May 09, 2021

Niagara-on-the-Lake is at Peak Blossom

NOTL has been a little behind Toronto in the development of cherry blossoms, which was opposite to what we thought would happen. The orchards and groves of cherry trees have slowly been perking up over the last three weeks. You could see the blossoms starting but no big explosions of colour except for the occasional magnolia trees.

McFarland House blossoms

Then we went on the trip into the St Catherines area and further southwest into the Niagara area we started to see colours in the orchards and in the many parks along Lakeshore and the Niagara Parkway. You can find plenty of pink blossoms at such locations as the Niagara Parks Horticultural School and McFarland House. For easy to access orchards one of the best locations is along Lakeshore just past the Welland Canal where you can park at MJ's Own Munchies restaurant, pick up lunch or dinner and take pictures along the edge of the orchard.

Orchards along Lakeshore Road

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