Saturday, February 27, 2021

Once upon a Toronto Zombie Walk

The annual Toronto Zombie Walk was killed in 2017, way before Covid ended major public events in 2020 and into 2021. Shuffling armies of the undead used to gather in the bowels of Trinity Bellwoods Park, grunted at a few friends, then headed out onto the streets of Toronto looking for tasty brains.

Then for awhile the zombies moved out to City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square before beginning the march. In 2017 the walk was cancelled due to lack of funds and has not returned. Cleanup in the square and insurance costs put the walk out of commission.
From the Toronto Zombie Walk website "The zombie walk started one gloomy Sunday, a week before hallows eve in 2003. A handful of the living dead rose from their graves to wander the streets of Toronto in search of brains. The plague returned every year, and the zombie count grew into a large and deadicated legion of the undead. Not only did the plague hit Toronto, it hit New York, Vancouver, Ottawa, Melbourne and numerous other cities around the world. In 2006 The Toronto Zombie Walk joined forces with the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, to ensure zombies have an enjoyable evening of flicks to see after their flesh eating endeavors. 2012 marked our ten year anniversary and we hoarded in over 10,000 people!"

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