Monday, December 30, 2019

Winter at the Scarborough Bluffs

Fall is the best time for the bluffs, followed by summer, spring and in last place - winter. But it is in winter that I did come, away from the massive crowds that stream down the sharp slope of Brimley Road South as it runs past Kingston Road and into Bluffers Park.

The eastern part of Toronto, Scarborough, begins at the edge of Lake Ontario and the high hills are pounded by the waves of the Great Lake and ground into dust by the winds that buffet the edge of lands end. Gravity and rain finish what the lake has started and the 90m high grey gash at Bluffers Park has become a tourist attraction well worth visiting no matter what the season.
You can wander the trails leading down to the waters edge and wet, grey clay sticks to your shoes where the snow cover has melted away. But when the light is right, the bluffs are magnificent in their details and not just a bland and boring shade of concrete. Some of the old glacial deposits at the very edge of the bluffs look ready to come down at any time, cracks are visible in some of the towers and a the base of the bluffs are piles of fallen materials so be careful where you walk.

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