Sunday, October 08, 2017

Toronto's final Saber Battle 2017

They resemble the dangerous weapons used by Jedi Masters, the awesome lightsabre, but in reality they are glow swords and the people wielding the laser wands fought in Nathan Phillips Square. The fearsome swordplay took place on Saturday, October 7 from 8 to 11pm. Star Wars and their owners, Lucasfilms and Disney, took umbrage over the use of the copyrighted terms describing the previous sword battles so they have morphed into the glow stick-ey thing. While there were a few rogue players, the majority of the combatants split into two groups, held their lines and then charged each other for a massive battle.
Newmindspace, organizers of the annual event, say that this will be the last year for the Glow Battle and perhaps for all of their shenanigans like the 'no pants subway ride' and the 'pillow fight'.
"It is with a profound sense of gratitude that we announce this battle will be Toronto's last that we will be orchestrating. We are not sure what the future holds; we may be seeking one or two young apprentices to keep the flame alive and take Newmindspace in the direction that their hearts tell them to go, or resurrect the old site as a sort of archive for the future. However, we plan to make this saber battle an extremely special finale - so don't miss it!"

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