Sunday, October 22, 2017

A blah Fall

It was the best of fall, it was the worst of fall. The warm temperatures are a great present to Ontario but they have held back the brilliant colours usually found in Autumn. The muted forest colours, mostly yellow, blend in with the dying, brown leaves as they float to the ground.
We had a cool, wet summer, then in September the warmth returned to the lands and rain held off for a period that is now impacting the trees. The hot dry spell means that the chlorophyll production hasn't slowed down as much as usual and the bright red colours found in trees like the sugar maple aren't required to protect the leaves against the bright light. You can still see trees full of green leaves.
A normal fall with a decent amount of precipitation will have sunny days and cold nights. So you have to ask yourself - do you want an unusually warm Autumn or bright, colourful vistas.

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