Sunday, April 09, 2017

A fantastic spring weekend in Toronto

Our family got together for a quick day as tourists in the big city and the sunny weather made for a very pleasant trip. We started with the St Lawrence Market which was packed with visitors enjoying the shopping hotspot. The historic supermarket is full of mouth watering steaks, seafood, cheeses almost everything else you want to eat. Giant lobster tails were selling for almost $90 a piece. Then we enjoyed an early dinner at C'est What?, a basement bar and restaurant in the Market area on Front Street. The meal was great and they had a impressive selection of alcohol and beers, plus it was fun to keep saying the name - say what!

Then we went to Berczy Park to get a photo beside the giant mural, check out the doggy fountain still under construction.
At the mural on the Flatiron Building
Backseat selfie in the uber

I grabbed my first uber for a trip to Kensington Market which was also packed with visitors enjoying the shopping hotspot. Uber was easy to use and if you get someone to recommend you to join the driving service they will get a $10 credit and you can get your first ride under $20 free. I talked about tipping with the driver and they say that it is not expected in the cost of the ride.
A 12 week old puppy in Kensington Market
The Community is still protected by a varied neighbourhood watch
Enjoy the many graffiti murals in Kensington
Several cups including the Oh Sweet Jesus ice cream

After enjoying the graffiti and the various selection of stores up and down the famous neighbourhood before we walked through the Spadina Chinatown to join the lineup at Sweet Jesus, the ice cream store located on John Street. Ice cream tasted great, prices were reasonable but I don't think I would wait in the lineup again.

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