Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Toronto Cherry Blossom Watch 2017

Osgoode Hall blossoms

Update April 29: Peak blossom time in High Park, Exhibition Place, Centre Island and Trinity Bellwoods Park is on now!

Update: April 22, the blossoms are still a little shy. Some of the flowers have bloomed but the majority still wait to open up. Cars pour into the park and hundreds of people wander around the cherry trees enjoying the early stages of spring. Another couple of days is needed for peak bloom which is still pegged for April 23 to 26.
Peak bloom is currently at the University of Toronto library and the trees at Queen's Park. Trees on University Avenue and the trees in Exhibition Place and Osgoode Hall need a few more days.
And here are more of the High Park blossoms

Now? Not yet. Now? Not yet. This is what happens when the kids want to see cherry blossoms, which probably won't happen unless the blossoms were made out of candy floss. April showers bring May showers and we are definitely in the moist season. Centre point of the watch is the jewel in the crown - High Park but there are plenty of trees around the City including Exhibition Place, Old City Hall, Queen's Park, Osgoode Hall, the University of Toronto and the Toronto Islands and they should come alive with flowers in late April or early May. They kind of lean to early to mid-May but this year's mild March weather leaves the experts predicting April 23-26 as Peak Bloom. Blossoms are already out in the Niagara Falls area.

Queen's Park
University of Toronto 
Old City Hall trees are still waiting to blossom

Exhibition Place
Toronto Island Blossoms on Centre Island, just north west of the pedestrian bridge

See pictures of previous year's blossoms after the jump.

Be prepared to brave the High Park crowds when it happens or keep to the other locations which are less hectic than the famous Japaneses cherry trees planted around the Hillside Garden in Toronto starting in 1959. For now you will have to settle for pictures of previous year's cherry blossoms.
At Osgoode Hall

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