Sunday, October 09, 2016

Blue Sign Adventure: Giant Toonie

Big? It's the world's largest Toonie. Canada's two dollar coin rests on a pedestal in Cambellford, Ontario and even though it is worth more than a stinking nickel - the Cambellford Toonie is smaller than the Sudbury Nickel (18 ft compared to 30 ft).
You can find the Toonie by following the blue signs along highways which show points of interest. Go past the Big Apple and bang (exit 509, north), you see a sign for the world's largest Toonie and off you go, two hours out of your life that you will never get back. Still, it is big, much bigger than the Toonies you can find in your pocket, so I can't say it isn't totally worth a visit but I wouldn't drive up to Sudbury just to see the nickel if you know what I mean.
A side view of the coin
You can visit the Toonie by boat - tie up along the Trent River 

The settled on the Toonie as the town's tourist attraction because artist Brent Townsend designed the polar bear in the bimetallic $2 coin and he left Toronto and moved to Cambellford in 1996. When I first visited the town Grand Road was under construction and the Toonie was made of wire mesh and Christmas lights. The road is in good shape now and the Toonie is made of metal and looks like a real Toonie. You can find the site in Old Mill Park along the western side of the Trent-Severn Waterway.
An Ontario Blue sign means adventure is afoot

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