Tuesday, October 04, 2016

More of Renegade Parade: Carpe Noctem

The Les Rues Des Refuses mobile dance party animal participants gathered around Richmond and Duncan, just off the beaten path of Nuit Blanche. Originally scheduled to depart from Cloud Gardens, word went out from Deer Team Six that the party was going to start at 10pm at the new location. Groovy people, many dressed in animal rave costumes or wearing deer antlers began to show up waiting for the pickup truck, sound system and DJ to show up to get the party started. You can see more photos from the rave on my post here.
'Colour with your mind'

Run by Deer Team Six and Secret Society, they asked us to "Join us for a raucous, mobile dance party as we take over the streets that have made our dreams come true." After 2pm the DJ made it onto Wiggle Street and parked permanently at Queen and York.

"Nuit Blanche, our city's all-night art thing, has been freed from corporate banality now that Scotiabank has dropped out as a sponsor. We can finally bring the event back to its roots and *be* the art we wish to see in the world. We are taking it back to the old school: a truck, a sound system, and DJs on the 1s and 2s. Music is art."

Bananas for scale

My lite-bike was a big hit during Nuit. I had a lot of photos taken of the bike and I let a few people pose on the bike

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