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Taste of the Danforth 2016

Toronto closes the Danforth to allow people to frolic among the vendors in places normally off limits for pedestrians. BlogTO asks the question - "how did some Toronto street festivals get so boring" and I have to admit I was wondering the same thing. Writer Phil Villeneuve's point was that the festivals were generic and boring "they've all become part of what seems to be a machine. Same rides, similar food, commercial vendors that don't even exist on that street - many of them have become one in the same."

Now, I love the 'be Greek for a day' Krinos Taste of the Danforth from August 5th to the 7th, which is one long street festival with a lot of culture thrown into the mix, so you can take in some entertainment that you typically don't see in the Big on Bloor Festival, like ancient Greek soldiers. But one year the Big on Bloor Festival had a dunk tank and that was pretty cool.
Yonge Street closed for a youth festival
Toronto Festival of Beer

One weekend I went to a few festivals and I never even posted the photos. Luckily I went to the Toronto Festival of Beer and it WAS a great festival - good food, good music and plenty of flowing beer ready for sampling, so I know that festivals can be fun.
Wanderoot Craft Cider was giving out free samples at the Big on Bloor Festival

I must admit that local street festivals, usually put on by Business Improvement Areas (BIA), can be enjoyable if you live in the area. You can wander out, see what's up, do some browsing, eat some food, head back inside for some refreshing beverages, rest up and go out looking for some entertainment. You don't worry about parking and can enjoy the ebb and flow of the festival. Most have the usual people selling churros and jewelry and it just isn't worth spending a lot of time and trouble getting to if you don't live close. Speaking of festivals, we have the Acton Leathertown Festival coming up on Sunday, August 14. Acton has a pet contest, car show and buskers along with several stages of entertainment and because, well, 'it's worth the drive to Acton'.

The key is variety. Having some music, buskers, contests, some interesting games, adult beverages then add in some local talent and cultural contributions and wham, you got a good festival. Plus plenty of port-a-potties and free samples.

See more street festival photos after the jump.

Warming up for Brazilfest

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