Friday, January 01, 2016

Toronto Polar Bear Dip 2016

A shark circles its prey at Sunnyside Beach as the frigid water churns with people running away from the dangerous predator. Many start the year with a mix of cold and excitement as they jump into the frigid water of Lake Ontario during the annual winter swim at Sunnyside Beach. The event is a charity for Habitat for Humanity GTA that continues to grow with many people returning year after year.
2016 New Year glasses

Registration starts early with the actual dip happening at noon on January 1st. Their are three hard parts to the day's adventurous activities - one; getting up early while possibly suffering from a New Year's Eve hangover, two; standing on the cold beach thinking about stripping down to a bathing suit and finally three; making the dash into the cold water. Once you commit to the run you have to keep you footing on the loose, round stones as the depth quickly changes away from the beach front. Many people loose their balance and tumble into the water a little before they were ready.
A polar bear made it to the party as well. Dippers received a branded black toque, hot chocolate and coffee and tickets to the food trucks. This year the organization also had some propane heaters providing welcome relief to the swimmers.

Last one of the main group coming out of the water
A pair of cowboys
Costumes are great

Dare to Dip! The mad dash for the water begins

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