Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 draws to a close - Happy New Years Eve

That was quite a year Toronto, hopefully everyone will be with friends and people they love to celebrate the coming of 2016 on New Years Eve. Schmooches now! I will return once again to Yuk Yuks in Mississauga where I will laugh during the lineup of comedians, then laugh some more, then chuckle a bit near the end, then do party favours and kiss my bunny.

Comedians Chuck Byrn, host Johnny Gardhouse and Terry Clement

Headliner Chuck Byrn was extremely funny, along with host Johnny who was also full of energy, while Terry has an unusual sense of humour. It was well worth the money and overall it is a fantastic way to spend New Years Eve.
Now it's time for a variety show of pictures, including a Banksy on a building that no longer exists in Toronto.
Stay safe on the roads, remember a lot of public transit is free tonight to help everyone get home - take advantage of the extended service.

I hope everyone will have a great 2016 and look forward to photographing more of the city's events, attractions and activities. Thanks for visiting my blog, or other social media stuff, saying hi on the streets, leaving comments or sending emails. Have Happy New Year!

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