Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fall on the road to Sudbury

The road to the mining town runs through some impressive rock cuts in the Canadian Shield and along mixed hardwood and coniferous forests. Much of the forests north of the GTA are already past peak but you can still find some patches of deciduous leaves providing some pretty Fall colours along the way. Where the leaves have left the building you can find plenty of stark, white trunks of the birch tree.

"The Great Lakes–St. Lawrence forest is dominated by hardwood forests, featuring species such as maple, oak, yellow birch, white and red pine. Coniferous trees such as white pine, red pine, hemlock and white cedar, commonly mix with deciduous broad-leaved species, such as yellow birch, sugar and red maples, basswood and red oak. Much of the forest in the Great Lakes–St. Lawrence forest is uneven aged, meaning that young and old trees can be found within the same group of trees."
It is also a pleasure driving along the new highway north of Barrie which is currently being upgraded by the government.

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