Monday, September 01, 2014

Rain comes to the Toronto Islands

Dark clouds moved over the city this past Saturday and eventually the rain came down in buckets and lightning flashed in the skies and thunder cracked your ears seconds later. Then the skies cleared and sun came out to play.
I hid under the viewing stand on Centre Island. Instead of dragon boats I watched a few drops hit the water's surface, then the downpour started increasing. There were a few people boating on the island channel get a little wet.
A small motorboat comes from the marina and docks at the stand so they can take shelter

See more rain, and the sun, after the jump.

A yellow kayak cuts through the still water, calmed by the raindrops
Quite a few people were taking shelter in the stands
After the clouds moved off the islands

Some rain water was shaken from the trees and made some nice circles, it is like TV for ducks
A kayak enjoying the end of the rain

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