Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Fair at night

The 2014 Acton Agricultural Society Fall Fair continues its tradition of 4H, homecraft, thrills and entertainment along with the infamous beer tent - Spot in the Park. The Albion Amusements midway is a colourful explosion of light located right beside the alley of amusement games which in turn leads past the Spot in the Park and into the areas where cows and farm animals dwell - all contained within Prospect Park. The three-day weekend fair takes place from September 19-21.

On Saturday the track was noisy with tractor pulls as the standard and modified lawn and garden tractors pulled the Giant Tiger sponsored sledge, while Mary called out the play by play. On Sunday the highway truck pull starts at 11 am and the 4x4 truck pull starts at 1:30 pm.
Saturday started great with a nice parade through town and the sun warmed the day up, considerably more than earlier in the week. Unfortunately when we went to the fair later in the evening we found that the park was in lock down, pictured below. Two children were missing and they wouldn't let anyone in the park for probably and hour or two as they scoured the grounds.
People driving to the park to take advantage of the on site paid parking found their way barred and were turned away. Visitors wait on the street outside the fair entrance waiting to see if they could eventually get into the fair
Everything ended okay as the children had walked home on their own, much to the relief of the parents and concerned community. As we waited outside the gates it also started to rain. The lock down and the rain kept a lot of the evening crowds away.  Luckily it will only thunderstorm until late Sunday morning before falling into a steady downpour of rain during the rest of the day, so get out there with your umbrella and enjoy the day.
Waiting for the last tractor pull as the rain falls down on a sparse grandstand

See more lights and pulls after the jump.

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