Saturday, August 23, 2014

Night comes to @BuskerFestTO

Street performances continue from early in the day to late at night and as the sun sets, visitors continue to pour into the valley of Yonge Street, deep in shadows between the commercial buildings lining the boulevards in downtown Toronto. As light from the store signs and streetlights take over from the sun the acts that use fire become beacons of excitement along the roadway - like NoMad Cirquel, above. It was a shame that they cancelled the combined multi-performer fire shows.

Crowds line up in layers several people thick until those in the back can only hope to see the artists work their magic on the black asphalt. People that can't see the act try to squeeze pass the massive throng of people enthralled by the show, hoping to stake out a good spot on the next performance somewhere down the road.
Local acts like Kate Mior (above) and Silver Elvis (below) join international artists from around the world.

Kromatik face painting returns with some bold designs

See more of the nights fun after the jump.

A gerbil type rodent for some car company
Chalk Chick

The Kamikaze Fireflies
A small video of the fire show

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