Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Canadian Tire and cleansheet communications is helping to launch the world's biggest Team Photo Project with Canadian hockey superstar Jonathan Toews. The project brings the proud Maple Leaf, which, besides the beaver, is the symbol of Canada brought to life on the ice and stands of a hockey arena. Jonathon Toews is an Olympic Gold Medal winner, Team Canada member and two time Stanley Cup winner while the Captain of the NHL Chicago Blackhawks. The photo at top is the amazing photo that was produced by the project at We All Play for Canada.

The 300 members of Jonathan's local community joined him to create the Maple Leaf, wearing red jerseys in anticipation of the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games.

"There has always been the classic definition of a team photo, that being the players and the coaches," says Neil McOstrich, Creative Director and founding partner at cleansheet. "What we were trying to accomplish was the real team photo! The one that includes the people in the community who helped get the athlete where he is today. Every athlete in the world has one, this one is unique to Jonathan Toews." Inspiration for the campaign concept: "The game may be hockey, but the people who make it work, the coaches and carpoolers and rink flooders, they speak to the importance of community," says Catherine Frank, Chief Operating Officer and cleansheet's other founding partner. "So we brought Jonathan's community together to express a sentiment everybody has felt, but in a surprising way that nobody has ever seen before."

If you so desire you can head to their website and tell your story about people who make play possible

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