Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ontario Ice Climbing

Those hardy adventurers that scale cliffs made of waterfalls, frozen in place were back at Tiffany Falls in Ancaster, Hamilton today. Teams of climbers worked together to safely scale the 21 metre cascade waterfall. Long ropes hung were attached at the top of the falls and one end was tied to the climber, the other end to the a person acting as the safety anchor allowing vertical movement while providing support if someone falls.
Their gear is relatively simple in this climb. Hardy ice climbing boots with soles of metal teeth made to bite into the ice, two ice hammers that find purchase in nooks and crannies and a safety belt that holds the lifeline.
The vertical climb is quite a challenge for muscles
"While ice climbing may be in its formative stages in other Ontario locations, climbers have been enjoying the sport at Hamilton Conservation Authority crags for almost 25 years. The Alpine Club of Canada (ACCess Committee) and the Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) have reached an understanding on access to ice climbing on lands administered by the HCA. Signed waivers to permit climbing are mandatory. Climbing is currently limited to one HCA area, Tiffany Falls Conservation Area."

See more ice climbing after the jump.

You can join an adventure tour to learn how to climb the falls if you want to give it a try

It doesn't seem to take much steel to grip into the ice

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