Thursday, March 11, 2010

Guest Blog: The Toronto Music Garden

The Toronto Music Garden: Musically Inspired, Beautifully Inspirational. A guest blog by writer Steven Rosen. Photos by James Hamilton.

The Toronto Music Garden waterfront park spans over two acres of pristine landscaping, artistically inspired from J.S. Bach's "First Suite for the Unaccompanied Cello". From the moment of arrival, guests are transported to an aesthetic blending of classical culture made manifest with carefully crafted garden suites, each representative of the many phases of the Bach musical masterpiece.

Overlooking the sparkling waters of Lake Ontario and hedged among the city's skyline, the Toronto Music Garden is a haven for rest, relaxation and living harmony with nature. Nestled between the water's Edge Promenade and Queen's Quay West, the Toronto Music Garden is divided into six organically grown courtyards to include the Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Menuett and Gigue, each section abounding in unique greenery and foliage arranged like a work of art. The senses are awakened to colour and aroma with a natural canvas of colourful plant life, birds, butterflies and a crackling river to wash away the cares of the day.

The Toronto Music Garden was carefully crafted in artistic arrangement of Canada's finest botanicals. Stroll through river birch trees, Swiss stone pine, rocky mountain fir, Russian ash and more as they are perfectly adorned by colourful specimens of golden azalea, roses lilac and over sixty luminous and scented species of plant life which would make any Toronto florist drool. Take a leisurely stroll or find your secluded garden spot for pondering and meditation.

The communion with nature and taking time to appreciate life is a dynamic stress reliever that refreshes and renews one's creative energies. Beauty and culture has inspired some of the greatest minds to capture a vision and make it happen. The J.S. Bach inspired Toronto Music Garden sets your mind free and rejuvenates, opening up a world of rich culture, tranquility and endless possibilities.

The Toronto Music Garden presents some of the best symphony talent and ensembles for cultural enrichment in a peaceful, park like setting. Guests may enjoy the works of Bach, his contemporaries, and the best from the classical era in the spectacular ambience of nature's sights and sounds. Whether you have been a lifelong patron of the fine arts or wish to introduce yourself to this richly rewarding world, the Toronto Music Garden has something for everyone of all ages.

The generous gifts and donations from the friends of the Toronto Music Garden make this nature lover's sanctuary a free gift for guests to enjoy year-round from sunrise to sunset. Guided tours are available and wheelchair access is provided.

Steven Rosen has been a Toronto resident for the past year (he is a former Montrealer) and has been lucky to experience being a tourist while living here. As a "tourist" he is interested in providing an insider/outsider view of some of the city's best attractions. An overhead view of the Music Garden is shown in this screen shot from Google Maps.

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