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Watching warplanes fly in Hamilton

It's interesting to visit the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum on days when flights are scheduled, you get a chance to see some iconic aircraft taking to the skies from Hamilton Airport. You can even purchase flights in the planes - some are very expensive though (from $200 to $3,900 per seat), and you have to purchase a membership first. The museum is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.
The B-25 passes by the Harvard and Dakota planes on the way to the active runways
The Lancaster is receiving some tender loving care

Many Torontonians have see the famous Lancaster bomber flying over the city and back to Hamilton. Currently the bomber is going through some maintenance work and the museum is looking for donations towards the half a million dollar cost of the engine upgrades. From the museum's website, "Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum intends to fly the Lancaster well into the future and carry on with this important mission, but we need you to help us accomplish our worthy task. As we approach our 25th year of flight operations in 2013, we are at a point where the four mighty Packard Merlin 224 engines are nearing the end of their operating life and will need to be overhauled in a planned sequence. The Museum already has all the professional contacts in place with the two engine overhaul facilities that have the capability to overhaul these V12 engines. We will be able to operate the Lancaster throughout the planned overhaul sequence, but the costs of these engine overhauls and specialty work is significant."

Most flights are from Thursday to Sunday and can feature the following aircraft; Beechcraft Expeditor, Noorduyn Norseman, Fairchild Cornell, de Havilland Tiger Moth, de Havilland Canada Chipmunk, Douglas C-47 Dakota, Boeing Stearman, North American Harvard, Consolidated Canso, North American B-25 Mitchell and the Avro Lancaster. You can watch the planes start and take off from the observation deck of the museum or from the deck of the plane parking area, both are exciting to watch. Most planes also fly over the museum after takeoff. Hamilton is a working airfield and has a number of domestic and international flights that you can see from the observation deck.

The static displays, both inside and out on the outdoor parking area are worth checking out as well.

See more of the static displays after the jump.

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