Wednesday, July 06, 2022

1000 FACES art installation at Ontario Place

A mass of mirrors hang up high along the path on the East Island of Ontario Place, a big part of the 1000 FACES by +AMOR dedicated to Indigenous children found in unmarked graves across Canada. Glistening in the sun, the ball of silvery mirrors certainly draws attention as it seeks to provide awareness and reconciliation.

From the Ontario Place website: "1000 FACES is a multi-sensorial kinetic experience created by a team of artists led by Alejandro Figueroa, aka +AMOR. Inspired by nature, in the dances of flocks of birds, its thousands of mirror fragments not only reflect each individual but also the surrounding environment, creating a sense of togetherness represented in its spherical shape. The fragments dance in tandem to the rhythm of nature: the wind, sun, and moon influence and determine their behavior. We are living in times of emancipation and wonder, but also of division and sorrow. 1000 FACES invites visitors to pause and reflect, encouraging communion, dialogue, reconciliation and relaxation. Cree composer Nigel Irwin’s original score, inspired by nature and ancestral chants, will allow the audience to reconnect with pachamama and feel the souls of the past."

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