Friday, February 11, 2022

moonGARDEN in Toronto

Big, glowing globes are setup on the steps of the Richmond-Adelaide Centre, right beside the giant sculpture called 'Dreaming'. The globes are part of the Lucien Traveling Light installation 'moonGARDEN' and you can find them on the courtyard off of Adelaide Street, just west of Bay Street in downtown Toronto.

These aren't just any globes, no these have travelled the world since 2012, beginning in Montreal and viewed by over 1 million people, slightly similar to a big, red ball like the one found in Toronto many years ago placed at different locations around the city, or the series of red balls found hanging in Brookfield Place. These globes are lit from within and the colours change randomly, putting on a show that comes alive as darkness descends on the city.
YouTube video of the installation at night

From Lucion's website; "The ambiance for the show was inspired by the theory of sets, a branch of mathematics that illustrates notions of sets and belonging. For us, moonGARDEN is the perfect metaphor for a more inclusive world. The installation consists in 6 to 25 self-inflating spheres from 6 to 30 feet in diameter. The cut-outs are made by laser in keeping with a predefined storyline and then assembled on rotating platforms. The sequence based on a single stream of light produces an enchanting animation reminiscent of the lamps that made shadows dance on the walls when we were kids."

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