Friday, November 13, 2020

Unlucky Friday the 13th 2020 in Port Dover

A resurgence in Covid and the colder temperatures in November make the latest Port Dover motorcycle rally a much smaller affair. We can look back at previous, extremely crowded and covid-free events from previous years in these photos.

From the PD13 website, "Information about Friday, Nov. 13th, 2020 in Port Dover. The Covid-19 pandemic has cancelled events world-wide and Friday the 13th in Port Dover is no exception. There will be no vendors set up downtown. Local groups are not selling Friday the 13th merchandise in parks and parking lots." The call for the low key event was made by Norfolk County who made the decision to restrict leases to vendors. 
Reports from the area say that this Friday the 13th was less crowded than even normal cold weather rallies in the Lake Erie port town. The bikers, visitors and town stores saw social distancing being practiced and face mask use in the busier areas said Global News.

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