Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Art Toronto 2020

Covid-19 is bringing the international fair for modern and contemporary art to the internets. Canada's 2020 art fair takes place from October 28 to November 8. Art Toronto is Canada's largest art fair and has been taking place since 2000 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre that now, due to Coronavirus precautions, has become an online and in-person events across Canada.

From Art Toronto website "This year, Art Toronto, Canada’s largest and most coveted art fair, will combine the boundless reach of a digital landscape with the excitement of seeing artwork in person. For the first time in its 21 years, the fair will showcase virtual and in-person installations and programming across the country. Traditionally occupying a single location at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Art Toronto will take place online and nationwide in art galleries including; Monte Clark Gallery (Vancouver), Tr├ępanierBaer Gallery (Calgary), Georgia Scherman Projects (Toronto), Bradley Ertaskiran (Montreal) and many more across Canada. This unique model is the first of its kind for North American art fairs that have quickly adapted to online exhibitions, Canada’s art fair will take place throughout October 28 to November 8, 2020. Canada’s art fair will take place October 28 to November 8, 2020, kicking off with a virtual Preview on October 28, in support of the Art Gallery of Ontario."

You can scroll through the artworks (the pictures are screenshots from the website), visit the gallery exhibitions and watch video discussions.

Art/TO PopUP tour# 2 from Stephen Bulger on Vimeo.

I must admit that I do miss the atmosphere of the setup in the conference centre, wandering the aisles and seeing the amazing art and installations. However, everyone must make sacrifices to keep everyone safe, so online it is. 

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