Saturday, October 10, 2020

Blue Mountain and Agora: Path of Light

Our journey to Collingwood also included our traditional stop at the top of Blue Mountain. If we have time we tend to hike down or take the ski lift down to the village, enjoy a tasty meal at one of their restaurants and walk around exploring the village and its attractions. This time we were too late in the day to make it down and back again before the lift closed so we decided to wander the mountain's edge.

Map of Agora: Path of Light

The trails along the edge provide great views down to the town and the Georgian Bay along with some beautiful views of Fall colours as the foiliage gets ready for winter. A short walk later we were at the new Blue Mountain attraction Agora: Path of Light. 

From the Blue Mountain website, "Explore the Sights and Sounds of AGORA. AGORA is an unusual and magical space inspired by the cycles of life in nature. As participants walk this circular path, they will encounter a series of interactive lighting installations based on the five elements of air, space, earth, water and fire. This is a journey of learning where participants can communicate with nature, bringing AGORA to life with the language of light. Please note: mask-use is required on AGORA: Path of Light. This includes the Open-Air Gondola up and down, as well as on the Path itself. Thank you for your cooperation."  For the 2020 season adult tickets are $29 and the nightly shows run from 7:00 pm till 10 or 10:30 pm.

Agora is made up of five lighting installations which represent the five elements air, space, earth, water and fire:  The North Wind (air), The Dream (space), Sabia (earth), Aqua (water) and Hearth (fire). Now we walked it during the later afternoon so the light show is missing, but still it was a pleasant and interesting walk. Aqua is definitely one of the displays that you need to see in the dark, it pulses and flows like a waterfall.
The North Wind

The Dream with orbs and mirrors
And finally Hearth

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