Saturday, June 15, 2019

Luminato House of Mirrors

Over 55 tonnes of steel and mirrored glass combined into a giant, open air maze at Harbourfront Centre as part of Luminato 2019. You can reflect upon yourself and others while wandering the mirrored installation searching for the exit which should take about a half hour at a cost of $10 a person (kids under 5 free). Tickets are only available on site.

This is the North American debut of the traveling, mirrored attraction from creators Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney. From Luminato "Optical illusion meets vanity in this house-sized kaleidoscope where reflections are fragmented: shadow, ghost, stranger, or is it just you? Nothing is quite what it seems as you stumble through thousands of bewildering reflections. Seeing is believing ... or is it?"
It is confusing with many dead-end paths, bypasses and mirrors that make it difficult to to traverse. A second to last doorway leads to a large, triangular room with mirrors around the edges, then a final door leads to the outside.

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