Thursday, January 03, 2019

Toronto Graffiti Alley and other murals

Like grains of sand in a desert always shifting in the wind, so to are the splashes of paint that fill so many walls in Graffiti Alley and many other locations within the city. Murals and tags do not last long in the open air art museum before they are covered over with more paint.
Graffiti Alley street sign
Popular spot for tourists
Graffiti alley is not just a concept, it is a physical location running west of Spadina Avenue, parallel to Queen St West, on the south side, and slowly shrinking each year as the old commercial buildings are replaced with new, expensive condo buildings and the alleys become closed off.

Murals are not limited to this section of laneway, if there is a wall, especially in the many downtown alleys, there will be graffiti. The City of Toronto tries to control illegal tagging while encouraging artist murals and developing local talent through the Graffiti Management Plan. Unfortunately for owners, they become responsible to remove the graffiti vandalism on their property.

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No Fun sticker

Wake Up! poster next to a No Standing sign
Monopoly's Rich Uncle Pennybags

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