Friday, October 05, 2018

Stained Glass and Christmas in Campbellville

There is a Christmas wonderland and antique stained glass store in Campbellville, Ontario that has an amazing selection of coloured glass stacked and hung everywhere you look, both inside and outside. I remember stopping at this site many, many years ago when the kids were small because the Santa climbing a ladder in the front yard caught my eye.
The store even carries some of Ed Mirvish "Honest Ed's" windows and tons of windows from various churches. In the front yard to the side are rows of outdoor displays full of Christmas themed stuff and in late November until the end of December they put out all sorts of Christmas lights and decorations and you can wander the property celebrating the holiday season. They open the displays in winter from 5pm to 10pm and you can make donations to help support the exhibition.
All the Christmas displays are hidden away until the Christmas season approaches
Rows and rows of stained glass windows

See more of the displays after the jump.

Santa on the rooftops
Toy soldier on guard
Santa dropping presents from a plane

The Stonehouse of Campbellville

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