Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Ambassador Bridge

Suspended high above the Detroit River is the Ambassador Bridge which joins Windsor, Ontario with Detroit Michigan. A big chunk of trade between Canada and the United States of America drives over this bridge which is North America's biggest border crossing.

Built in the 1920s, the steel bridge's four lanes need to be supplemented and so Canada plans to build a new bridge, to be called the Gordie Howe Bridge, and now, so do the owners of the Ambassador Bridge. There will be bridges everywhere (and don't forget about the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel). The Detroit International Bridge Company plans to twin their bridge with a six-lane structure right beside the current one, keeping the original for overflow traffic - they have bought a lot of houses on the Windsor side and boarded them up or demolished them for the bridge construction.
I thought that you couldn't get close to the bridge because of the customs aspect of the facilities, but there are streets alongside the bridge and a park at the base of the bridge on the Canadian side. Assumption Park has the Windsor Sculpture Garden. There is also a multi-use path, a jetty and a bathroom in the park.
Detroit Harbor Terminals / Boblo Island Detroit Dock Building at sunrise

The park is a great place to see the American skyline with the impressive General Motors Renaissance Centre with its complex of seven, rounded skyscrapers. You can also see some abandoned factories across the river, like the Detroit Harbour Terminals.

See more of the bridge and parkland after the jump.
A sculpture near the river's edge
Cars and trucks lineup along the bridge approach ramp and over the bridge
One of the washrooms in the park
The Canadian Coast Guard patrols the watery border
Signs on Huron Church Road pointing towards the bridge to the USA
The bridge and the jetty
Windsor Houses waiting demolition to make way for the twinning of the Ambassador Bridge

The GM Renaissance Centre

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