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Toronto Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018 Schedule

Yorkville once again becomes fashion central during the semi-annual Toronto Fashion Week event. The 2018's fall/winter season will be shown at Yorkville Village Monday to Wednesday, February 5-7 showcase of fashion, art, music and culture. The full schedule has over 20 shows and events highlighting the best fashion and design in Canada shown on the runway or in the studio, tickets are available for purchase on their website. There is also a consumer market place open to the public in Yorkville Village where you can meet designers and shop the collections from the presenting Canadian brands.

"Each day kicks off with a live taping of the Fashion Talks™ podcast, produced in partnership with CAFA™. Join host Donna Bishop in the studio on the upper level of Yorkville Village as she chats with special guests Gersha Phillips, (Costume Designer,Star Trek: Discovery) about fashion and designing for the future, Shinan Govani(Columnist and Author) and Bojana Sentaler (Designer and Creative Director for SENTALER) about fashion and the Royals, and Luis Sequeira (Academy Award Nominated Costume Designer) and Ann Steel (Assistant Costume Designer) about fashion, costume and Guillermo del Toro’s multi-Oscar-nominated film, The Shape of Water."

Healsevent closes out Toronto Fashion Week with a fashion show featuring patients, doctors and television personalities as models. You can see Pooja Handa from CP24 Breakfast and Cynthia Mulligan of CityNews on the runway. The fourth annual Healsevent is in support of SickKids Hospital.

Here is the schedule for February's TFW and in between shows you can grab some Grey Goose Designer Cocktails and other adult beverages at the SIPBAR.

Monday, February 5

"Day one featured innovative fashion presentations by top designers including Mayer Man, Eleventy, Triarchy, UNTTLD, NARCES and Christopher Bates."
2:00 PM | Fashion Talks | Studio
Fashion and Designing for the Future with Gersha Phillips, Costume Designer Star Trek: Discovery
Instagram: @fashiontalkspodcast

4:00 PM | Mayer Man | Studio
Twitter: @therossmayer Instagram: @therossmayer

5:00 PM | Eleventy | Runway
Instagram: @eleventy_milano

5:30 PM | Eleventy Post-Show Cocktail Event (Invite Only) | Eleventy
Instagram: @eleventy_milano

6:00 PM | Triarchy | Runway
Twitter: @TriarchyDenim Instagram: @triarchy

7:00 PM | UNTTLD | Runway
Instagram: @unttld_official

7:30 PM | UNTTLD x TNT Spring/Summer ‘18 Collection Shopping Event | TNT
Twitter: @tntfashion, @reiastudio Instagram: @unttld_official, @reiastudio, @tntfashion

Narces at Toronto Fashion Week.
Photo credit: George Pimentel

"NARCES put on a show-stopper with elegant pieces that drew inspiration from the 70s and early 80s era."

8:00 PM | NARCES | Runway
Twitter: @_narces Instagram: @_narces

9:00 PM | Christopher Bates | Runway
Twitter: @CBatesMenswear Instagram: @christopher.bates.official

Tuesday, February 6

"Day two featured innovative fashion presentations by top Canadian designers Nonie, Tara Rivas, Hilary MacMillan, WRKDEPT, WIL Studios and HENDRIXROE."

2:00 PM | Fashion Talks | Studio
Fashion and the Royals with Columnist and Author, Shinan Govani and Bojana Sentaler, Designer and Creative Director
Instagram: @fashiontalkspodcast

4:00 PM | Nonie | Studio
Twitter: @houseofnonie Instagram: @houseofnonie

Designer Tara Rivas (centre) with her ‘Red Hot’ collection.
Photo credit: George Pimentel

"Inspired by true love, Tara Rivas incorporated bold red and black colours to illustrate the power and passion of love. Departing from the traditional women’s workwear, her collection combined feminine cocktail attire punctuated with striking red power suits."
5:00 PM | Tara Rivas | Studio
Twitter: @tmrcollection Instagram: @tararivas

6:00 PM | Hilary MacMillan | Runway
Twitter: @hilarymacmillan Instagram: @hilarymacmillan

7:00 PM | WRKDEPT | Studio
Twitter: @wrkdept Instagram: @wrkdept

9:00 PM | WIL Studios | Studio
Instagram: wil.studios

9:30 PM | HENDRIXROE | Runway
Twitter: @hendrixroestyle Instagram: @hendrixroe

Wednesday, February 7

"Day three featured innovative fashion presentations by top Canadian designers Mani Jassal, Pedram Karimi, Andrew Coimbra x UNCUFFED, HAYLEY ELSAESSER, S.P. Badu and fundraiser Fashion Heals."

1:00 PM | Fashion Talks | Studio
Fashion, Costume and The Shape of Water with Academy Award Nominated Costume Designer Luis Sequeira and Assistant Costume Designer Ann Steel
Instagram: @fashiontalkspodcast

Mani Jassal (centre) and her Fall/Winter 2018 collection.
Photo credit: George Pimentel

"In the RE\SET™ studio, Canadian evening and bridal wear designer, Mani Jassal unveiled a flower-filled ‘Garden of Desire’ collection. Eclectic, audacious and ethereal, her collection used traditional Indian fabrics with intricate beading and metal details in disruptively sexy silhouettes."
3:00 PM | Mani Jassal | Studio
Instagram: @manikjassal

4:00 PM | Pedram Karimi | Runway
Twitter: @pedramkarimi Instagram: @pedramkarimi_

5:00 PM | Andrew Coimbra x UNCUFFED | Studio
Twitter: @andrewcoimbra / @uncuffedleather
Instagram: @andrewcoimbra / @uncuffedleather

Twitter: @HayleyElsaesser Instagram: @HayleyElsaesser‎

S.P. Badu at Toronto Fashion Week.
Photo credit: George Pimentel

"S.P. Badu incorporated athleisure separates with urban flair for a cohesive unisex collection with an aggressive approach to minimalism that challenges gender and garment construction."
6:30 PM | S.P. Badu | Studio
Twitter: @___SPB Instagram: @spbadu

7:00 PM | Fashion Heals (Fundraiser By Invitation Only) | Runway
An inspiring runway event in support of SickKids Hospital that puts patients, medical staff, caregivers and notable personalities on the runway.
Instagram: @fashionheals4sickkids

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