Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Niagara Falls to beat the February Blahs

Winter doldrums means it is time for a break, so time for one of our favourite getaways to Niagara Falls. We grabbed a hotel package from Embassy Suites located just above the falls which came with two tickets to the Greg Frewin Magic Show, a $30 meal coupon, two breakfast buffets and two 48 hour WeGo transit passes. If the weather was warmer I would have looked for a bus tour of some of the famous Niagara Falls wineries, but we stopped at a couple on the way home anyways.
Reading the hotel reviews the lack of parking at the hotel was a major negative from a boatload of people. You show up and pay $60 a day for valet parking and if you don't want to pay that small fortune apparently there is a parking lot somewhere in the next area code that has a shuttle running to the hotel - for only half the price of the valet parking. Screw that, we parked close by for a heck of a lot less than that.

The hotel room was nice suite and had a side view of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, although you had to look through pretty dirty windows. The hotel is just beside the Niagara Incline Railway which is just $5.50 for a round trip ride and takes you right down to the falls.

We ended up going to the Keg Restaurant on the 9th floor of the hotel for an early dinner (great view of the falls) and headed over to Greg's Magic Show. This was our second trip to see his show and his show is very professional and includes a few tigers and exotic birds.

I definitely liked the WeGo public transit bus system that runs downtown and to many of the area.  tourist attractions. This is the first time that we have used the buses but I am down for using them on future trips as well. The three lines are red, blue and green and they are constantly looping through the routes every twenty or forty minutes for just $8 a day (unlimited rides).
We kept away from the wax museums on Clifton Hill but did find time to gamble at both the Niagara Falls casinos. We gambled and gambled and took home tens of dollars. To round out our visit we went to see the Bird Kingdom. See you next time Niagara Falls.

See more of the misty city after the jump.

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