Wednesday, November 04, 2015

7 Days of Garbage at Union Station

Photographer Gregg Segal photographed subjects laying on a week of their garbage and recyclables. The exhibit stands in the great hall of Toronto's Union Station and was co-sponsored by GLAD. Raising awareness of the astounding amount of refuse we produce in very short time periods, the photographs will stay at the transportation hub until November 21, 2015 when they will probably be thrown in the garbage.
The City of Toronto opened the exhibition on Tuesday, or for us: garbage day, to engage people in the important issue and challenges of a long-term waste management strategy. GLAD Canad, owned by Clorox, is helping to promote responsible waste disposal and diversion. The people in the photographs include families, prominent Torontonians and some Argo football players.
“We wanted to bring awareness to the amount of garbage that Canadians are producing on a yearly basis,” said Mike Pilato, General Manager of Clorox Canada. “As a company, we have led a number of sustainability initiatives from coast-to-coast, from city-wide community cleanup days to awareness campaigns around proper composting and recycling practices. Now, GLAD is honoured to partner with the City through its Live Green Toronto program, and acclaimed photographer Gregg Segal, to spread the message of sustainability and waste reduction through art.”
Gregg said that he has long wondered about garbage, especially what happens when we run out of space to put it. He asked the people to collect the recycling because a lot of it either doesn't get recycled, or the environmental cost of recycling can be quite high.

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