Monday, July 06, 2015

I heart the Distillery District

Locks of loves continue to mount on the LOVE sign in Toronto's historic cobblestone and condo neighbourhood - its really filled out since the last time I saw it. And a new art installation of a big heart stands at the entrance of Gristmill Lane, just off of Parliament Street, south of Mill Street. The tell-tale heart beats for the guilty and the tourist alike, especially when hearts come close to the monster sculpture.
How can this place get any cuter? Well add a big, black Newfoundland puppy to the mix and this is heaven for wedding photos.
He has a little part of his tongue sticking out
Speaking of weddings, their was a large party in the hood taking photos against the great backdrop of the neighbourhood well know for British Empire booze. The bride was in white, groom in black tuxedos and the bridegrooms in some type of purpley number. They ended up at the love-locks.

Godderham & Worts Limited bridge structure

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