Saturday, January 24, 2015

2015 Magnum Series Ice Racing in Minden

I can't even walk properly on ice and these cars are blasting around the course, sometimes perpendicular to the track, but almost always going in the right general direction. The Minden Fairgrounds is taken over by a solid ice race track, bordered by robust snow banks - guaranteed to keep those brutes where they belong.
After the crash the other drivers threw snowballs at the car and then helped push it out of the snowbank
This Toronto Autosports Club (TAC) race was run on the Jan 24-25, 2015 weekend and is the first round of the CASC-OR Magnum Ice Race Championship presented by Mobil 1.

See more cold, ice racing after the jump. See a photos from a previous race on my post here. There are also motorcycle ice racing and bicycle ice racing posts for your viewing enjoyment.

And they are off at the green flag

Freezing rain coats my Nikon. Joe in the background

Spectators climb on top of the snow banks for some great views

The cars look like land sharks as they cut race along the track, partially hidden by the snowbanks

Car 101 got spun around at the exit to one of the corners

Drivers help car 98 out of the snow bank in turn number 1

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