Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics closing

The February Blahs have been kicked to the curb as Canadians have been watching the Olympic athletes competing and winning against the best of the world (we are in third place and have the most golds right now). Crowds of screaming, red jersey wearing fans have filled the stands watching the games. These aren't athletes, these are rock stars.

The Canadian Hockey team is getting ready to go toe to toe with the Americans and hopefully Canada will do better this time. After leading the Americans through the game the US pressed hard and in the last seconds of the game scored a goal and forced an overtime period. Luckily for Canada Sidney Crosby scores the winning goal in overtime and we take the silver medal. Fans of all ages and all over Canada head outside and stand alongside roads with flags as cars honk in celebration of the victory. Yonge Street in Toronto was closed as people piled into the street for a little party.

The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics closing ceremony will take place tonite. I will miss the excitement and cheering for Canada.

During the CTV Olympic Celebration down at Nathan Phillips Square the place was full of fans and also a couple of wedding parties. That's right, wedding parties. Many people choose to get married at Toronto City Hall. This couple were holding hands as the wedding party wandered through the crowds, she held onto a bouquet of flowers and his hand.

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