Monday, September 21, 2009

Save our Planet - Climate Day

A flash eco mob gathered quickly in downtown Toronto's Yonge-Dundas Square to raise individual letters spelling out " - fill the hill". They were raising awareness of the upcoming Climate Day on October 24, 2009 where they hope to fill Ottawa's Parliament Hill with people and raise a large voice to call for reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

I remember a long time ago driving through the Sudbury area with it's big Nickel and it's rolling hills of rock were bare - a desolate area that resembled a dead planet and where the astronauts trained for their mission to the moon. Pollution and greenhouse gases were expelled from their factories and choked the life from the sensitive ecosystem. This disaster forced people to act! So they raised the smokestacks, now called superstacks, and sent the pollution further away from Sudbury. Slowly and with great effort and expense a small portion of the area around Sudbury has started to return to life. Not so good further away though!

We certainly have the ability to kill ourselves and our planet, usually faster than we think it will take, and I hope that we can continue to increase awareness and action that make this planet a better place. Save our planet.

UPDATE: My pictures were used in the Climate Day site with permission.

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