Sunday, September 06, 2009

Ferry Ride to the Islands

With the municipal strike over the ferries running between downtown and the Islands are back in business. I take one of the two ferries that allow bicycles - Wards and Hanlan's Point. This is a popular destination during a nice weekend so it was crowded and you often have to wait for a couple of ferries to come and go before you can make your journey.

The Islands are a great getaway with bike paths, boardwalks, beaches and the Centre Island Amusement Park. You can also get some fantastic views of the city. Here is a view of the open Rogers Centre from the west side of the Island Airport and a panarama of the skyline from the same location.

This is the skyline view from the Hanlan's Point ferry pier. While the sunset photo was taken during the evening boat ride back to the City.

This ferry has discharged it's passengers and is ready to make the journey back to the Islands.

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