Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One week to Earth Day - Bloggers Unite

Ask not what the Earth can do for you (it has done so much already) - ask what you can do for your Earth. Ich bin ein Earthling.

Sometimes we look to one shining individual (like John F Kennedy) to galvanize people to make life changing actions, but it ultimately falls upon individuals to make the necessary changes. Bit by bit we seem to be getting the notion that our environment needs help. We need less pollution and more postive contributions and if I try and you try then maybe our combined contributions can make an impact.

Wind turbines in the Lake Huron Wind Farm provide clean, renewable power to Ontario resident's, helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

The annual awareness of our planet celebrated on Earth Day is now one week away - Wednesday April 22, 2009, what can you do for Earth?

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