Wednesday, November 01, 2023

New Cold Storage facility off Steeles Avenue

Driving along Steeles Avenue from Milton into Halton Hills we have been seeing a strange blue structure going up on 10th Line South and didn't have a lot of luck determining what the heck this thing was. It looked like it was made strictly of scaffolds complete with an excessive amount of cross bracing. Finally we drove to the site and asked security what it was and they said it was new part of the Conestoga Cold Storage Limited facilities.

It really looks like you can't do anything with the building as we didn't see floors or elevators, plus the cross braces would stop people driving a forklift in between the bracing. However we must assume that someone knows what they are doing and everything will work out in the Canadian-owned future 150 foot high, 2.7 million cubic metres of cold storage.
I mean there are even gaps between the sections

"This expansion represents a significant milestone for Conestoga Cold Storage," stated Gavin Sargeant, Vice President, at Conestoga Cold Storage Limited. "We are proud to announce the construction of this world-class facility, which will not only solidify our position as an industry leader but also allow us to meet the growing demand for cold storage solutions. Our commitment to delivering exceptional services to our customers remains unwavering, and this expansion will further enhance our capabilities."

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