Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Toronto Collision Tech Conf 2023

The tech world has arrived at Toronto's doorway as the massive conference called Collision returns to the Enercare Centre in Exhibition Place from June 26-29, 2023. See more of the conference on my post here.

It's hard to believe how many companies are in the building from around the globe, including some of the largest like Google and Amazon to some of the smaller firms looking for entry with the big boys and girls in the industry.

From Collision, "Collision will soon take over Toronto, with 150-plus hours of talks, masterclasses and networking sessions for attendees from all over the world to enjoy. The three-day event gives attendees the chance to mix with tech giants, leading entrepreneurs and cultural icons, and to learn from the people at the forefront of the tech industry and of society at large."

Outside the building is an army of food trucks and the occasional bar for some adult beverages. Inside is quite a few stages along with rows and rows of companies looking to contact the right people to make magic happen. There are at least two stages setup for people to pitch business ideas to an esteemed group of judges.

Some important stats from Collision:

Collision will gather 36,378 attendees from 118 countries in Toronto

A record-breaking 30 percent of startups this year this year are women-founded

41 percent of attendees are women; 36 percent of speakers are women

1,72727 startups and partners from 76 countries and almost 30 industries are are exhibiting

CA$188 million has been injected into the Toronto economy over the course of the three in-person Collision events since 2019

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