Sunday, May 07, 2023

Ursa Minor the 12 foot bear in Toronto

Nestled into the courtyard of the Bay Adelaide Centre is a rather large 12 foot metal bear made of infinity mirrors and colour changing LEDs. Created by artist Jen Lewin, the art installation named Ursa Minor is an impressive sight amongst the towers of downtown Toronto. May 7th 2023 is the expected end of the temporary installation.

The sculpture is ironically named after Ursa Minor, or Little Bear, which compared to the constellation really is small. From Jen's website; "Ursa Minor is a towering 12-foot-tall infinity mirrored bear by American contemporary artist Jen Lewin.The sculpture is free-standing and engages onlookers with its colorful flowing and interactive LED light choreography. Inspired by the dazzling natural phenomena of Polaris (the North Star) and its constellation Ursa Minor, the sculpture’s multi-paneled infinity mirrored body illuminates, conveying emotions of amazement, wonder, and exploration and reminding us to “Look Up”."

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