Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Scarecrow Invasion in Meaford 2022

Meaford must have a lot of crows that attack everyone from the sky because they have filled the town with scarecrows, they hang from streetlights, they stand by the tourist apple (the other big apple!) and they are on the steps of Meaford Hall. The crows must come because of all the apples around Meaford.

The Scarecrow Invasion takes place in the Georgian Bay waterfront town from mid-September to mid-October every year (this is the 25th annual festival) with a parade scheduled for September 30.

Info on the festival and parade from the Scarecrow Invasion website, "The invasion of the scarecrows begins in mid-September and runs till the end of the Thanksgiving weekend. More than 300 scarecrows will be found in the downtown area of Meaford, and in Bognor, Annan, and Leith – dangling from downtown lamp posts, hiding in bushes and trees, lounging happily on benches, peeking out from behind cornstalks and resting comfortably on porches and verandas. They frolic everywhere! Sykes Street and the harbour area are particularly alive with scarecrows during this time. This year’s decorating theme is Scarecrows Celebrate 25 Years. The date and time for this year’s parade is Friday, September 30, starting with pre-parade ceremonies and entertainment at 5 p.m., then the parade at 6 p.m. on Sykes Street, followed by a family festival at the Rotary Harbour Pavilion… free activities for the whole family, apple pie contest awards and auction, entertainment, and more."

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