Friday, May 13, 2022

Friday the 13th Port Dover 2022

I was on the road early to beat the traffic and searched for the farm field parking lots with shuttles into the small, Lake Erie town. Couldn't find one and the barriers weren't up and I drove into Port Dover and found a spot at the Legion.  I found out later that the farm parking and shuttle system wasn't offered this year and the 'resident pass' was also cancelled for 2022. The town was open to vehicles except for the downtown core. You know you are in Dover when you see the famous lighthouse, pictured at top.
Photos from early in the morning as the bikers made their way into town

So far it looks like less vendors involved in the much anticipated motorcycle rally which only happens one time in 2022. Weather is beautiful today with a high temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and no rain in the forecast. The rally couldn't have a better Friday, May 13 planned.

The 'Thong Man' Paul Nurmi was back meeting his fans - he was an officer of the law today
The Vaudevillian a 1930's ragtime jugband due

You can hear the constant rumble of motorcycles as the bikers stream into town. Only motorcycles are allowed to park along the street and downtown is blocked off for the pedestrian friendly event.

See more photos after the jump.

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