Sunday, April 24, 2022

Toronto Raptors playoffs from the 600 Bell Fan Deck

Watching the NBA Raptors take on the Philadelphia 76ers in Scotiabank Arena from the eagles nest known as the Fan Deck was a lot of fun. Toronto is in a heated series round one match with Philadelphia and we watched them lose to the US team in two overtimes on April 20. Fast forward to Saturday and the Raptors fight back to win and remain in the playoffs. Make some NOISE and shout GO Raptors GO!

The pre-game show has plenty of giant flags, special lighting and blasts of flame from behind the net.

They say that no team has come back from three loses, no wins and takes the series so the 2019 NBA Champions Toronto Raptors are walking the edge as they continue the fight. The next game is Monday, April 25 in Philadelphia.

Taking the shot
Celebrity singer Drake sits on the sideline cheering the team all the way

We scored the tickets from @arcman15 (many thanks) and headed to the arena not knowing where the 600 section was located. We entered the building from Gate 5 in Jurassic Park and took the elevator up to the 4th floor, then walked up two floors to get to the section high above the court - a long suite with a great view of the whole arena, along with its own bar and bathroom. If you ever get a chance to go to the fan deck I can recommend the view and the exclusive feel of the area, it is a great experience.

Raptors VIP guest of the night was Jerome Williams - the Junkyard Dog himself, who spent time in the fan deck and posed for photos with the guests. We took one shot with the 6'9" former Raptor where he bent down to our level and another when he stood tall and towered over us. 

Now you see him....
Now you don't
Pointing the way to the Fan Deck presented by Bell and Ford
The view from Seat 9 in the 600 section
The bar is to the right. There are only two rows of seats in this area and you get a table with a coat hook

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